Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Critter Blogging

We've been seeing these frequently. I never gave them much thought because I just thought they were a piece of wood that fell off the rotting patio table, or a piece of tree bark.

One day txrad said he saw one move and thought it was some kind of bug. I went out to look and it was completely stationary. I even flipped it over and nothing happened. Then a few minutes later we went out and it was a couple of inches from where we had seen it earlier. txrad insisted it had moved and I said it might have just been moved by the wind.

Then this week I walked outside and saw one in motion. And what's really freaky is that it actually has a head like a tiny little snake that emerges from that piece of "wood" and drags itself around I suppose.

Texas might get the award for the most interesting critters I've ever observed.

Anyone have any idea what this is called?